Let’s Make A Thing! Scenic Bases


Hello hello! Today, I have been making bases for my new miniatures (*cough* Cryx Pirate Army *cough*), and as I took some pictures I thought I’d make a little tutorial on how I went about making them!

First off, a list of ingredients things you’re going to need:

* Bases - I am using the standard round-lipped bases that came with my minis, but you could easily adapt these methods for other bases.

* Tools - I use a GW sculpt tool, craft knife with retractable blade, superglue, some hobby clippers, and a round file.

* Epoxy putty - I use Milliput as it’s cheap and easy to find, but use whatever you can get hold of. This is the standard two-part stuff you can find in most hobby shops. You *can* use ‘official’ Green Stuff, but it’s wayyyyy more expensive.

* Odds and sods - Bits of plasticard, matchsticks, or whatever you have around to fill up the slots in the bases.

AND SO on to Part One!


First thing’s first. Get all the bases you want to use, and fill in the slots with plasticard, matchsticks (as I used), or whatever you have available. The main purpose for this is to stop the epoxy putty from squishing through the slot when you get to step two. All I did here was cut some matchsticks to size with old clippers and superglue them in. Make sure that whatever you use is nicely flush to the top of the base.

Step Two!


Mix up a bit of your putty (as you can see, I used the terracotta Milliput as it’s what I had spare) and squish a bit onto each base, making sure to cover the whole flat area. Luckily, these round-lipped bases have a slightly raised edge, so all I did was pushed the putty right up to the edge with my fingers. Then I flattened the putty off by wetting my craft knife a little and, with the blade right out, just sliced across the top of the base lip. A few little touch-ups were needed, but nothing too serious. Once that’s done, a quick smooth over with a wet finger finished the job.

Step Three:


So when I was thinking about what kind of bases I’d like for my Pirate Cryx dudes, I decided on a kind of fantasy dock-front-ish look. So some of these bases are decorated solely with flagstones, while others have been given areas of wooden boards. I tend to make these up as I go, but you could plan them out carefully (this would be more important for bases on things like Warhammer units).

Anyway, to make the flagstones on the bases, I just used the blunt edge of my craft knife and pressed into the putty to create a pattern of random stones. Mine are all different sizes, but you can make them quite uniform. To make the areas of board, I pressed in lines right across the bases to create long thin areas, and then divided these with the knife into shorter boards. 

This gives you the basic shape of the boards and stones, but to messy up the lines a little I used the very point of my sculpting tool and re-traced the lines. Then I gave the bases a quick brush over with a slightly wet brush just to round the edges a little and clear off any little bits of excess putty.

Step Four - the final touches.


The final few bits were adding a woodgrain effect to the boards (I did this by snapping a lolly (popsicle?) stick in half and running the splintered end along the boards. Then I added a few cracks on some of the flagstones with the blade of the craft knife, and finally added nail holes to the boards with the point of a round file (you could use a pin or such tho.) AND there we are!

The only other thing I wanted to add was a lovely little thing I’m actually really proud of, which is that I used a push pin to make one of those… metal things that they tie boats to at harbours. I have no idea what they’re called. I took a push pin and cut the metal pin off the bottom with some old clippers, leaving the plastic part. I then made the plastic part shorter by cutting the top off, cutting down the ‘stem’, and gluing the top back on. Then it was glued onto one of the bases. Here’s a little close up of it, with some extra putty added on to look like a rope.


And that’s my tutorial over! I’m sure soon these bases will be put to use on my Pirates, because honestly I’m very impatient and even though I have a ton of other things to do, new projects just do something to my poor hobbyist’s brain!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial (and that it made sense :P )

Thanks! :D

Can’t remember if I reblogged before, but I am again, so there.

Blue and Gold, Back in Action


Bleeding Cool reports that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will be joining the Justice League 3000. The real ones.


Well, it must be official, because other sources have picked it up and there’s promo art and everything!


So if that Booster’s from a past version of the JL 3000 world, but he has a Legion Flight Ring…


"Greetings, Pumpkin, I am at Mr. Venture’s lab TO RIGHT THAT WHICH IS WRONG AND TO REPAIR THE TORN CURTAIN OF TIME ITSELF! There are four puddings in the fridge. You may enjoy the contents of one of them. Dinner at six."


"Greetings, Pumpkin, I am at Mr. Venture’s lab TO RIGHT THAT WHICH IS WRONG AND TO REPAIR THE TORN CURTAIN OF TIME ITSELF! There are four puddings in the fridge. You may enjoy the contents of one of them. Dinner at six."

Good News / Bad News

The bad news is that I have a second migraine this week. This is unprecedented. It’s only about a 2 or 3 on the pain scale, and there’s no nausea, so I’ll live, but damn.

The good news is that this unprecedented recurrence has given me some suspects as to possible food triggers for my migraines.

Fletch is my favorite Chevy Chase movie, but this and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are my favorite movies with Chevy Chase in them.

New Comics Day - 9/11/2014

Small week for normal books, but we did finally get the Captain Carrot Showcase volume and a new Legion TPB, so I’m happy about those.

  • Knights of the Dinner Table #212
  • Avengers #34.1 - Not bad for filler. More Superman than DC’s current Superman.
  • New Warriors #9
  • Fantastic Four #10
  • Astro City #15

That’s all.


Unnecessary Explosions.

Tumblr, by Michael Bay.

Hey, Kirby! Warm up those dancin’ shoes, buddy, I seem to recall a bet you made..

Bad Movie Night - Python (2001)

Sixty feet of pure crap.

So, it’s come to this. Damn you, Hollywood.

Actually, there are some fun bits. Like Jenny McCarthy’s decapitation after one of the worst brief performances I’ve ever seen. And Casper van Dien struggling to pull off an accent.

But the special effects are only outstripped by the science in their awfulness. I mean, Tron had better CGI. And the Left Behind movies had better science. (In that they had none.) ‘Genetic engineering’ is presented as a magical wand that gives us this acid-spitting monster snake that seems to continually outwit the humans placed in opposition to it. It got so bad that we were joking about it defusing the bombs they set up to try and kill it near the end.

And then there’s Wil Wheaton, playing a realtor with day-glo hair.

If I had to pick one moment, though, to sum up why this is a perfect choice for a bad movie night, it is when one of Wil’s realtor colleagues hears a noise in the single-car garage and goes to investigate. He finds nothing, sees nothing .. until the snake, bigger than the goddamn car that takes up most of the garage, is suddenly in there with him. Believe me, realtor-guy, we were just as surprised to see it superimposed there as you were.




Had a nasty little migraine yesterday. Still sort of recovering from that. Those things just wreck your entire goddamn day, don’t they? I swear, if I were one of the people who got them on a weekly basis, I’d probably just shoot myself.

On the other hand, if I got them that frequently, I could probably get medicine for them to keep them from being quite such misery, so maybe not.

I’ve never been able to find meds that will reliably treat the migraines without a series of infuriating side effects almost as bad. 

If I’m getting one and I can lay in bed in the dark with the fan on all day, I’ll usually do fine.  If I’m at work when one comes on, it’s nausea and pain and misery for the rest of the day (even after I get home).  This is one reason I don’t carry a gun.

I get one about 2-4 times a year, and lately, they have been pretty mild, but yesterday’s hit a 7 on the ten point scale for me. I honestly think the nausea’s the worst part for me, most of the time.

The ones I used to get back when I’d just graduated college, though, those were the ice-pick through the eye, 11 out of ten migraines. Glad I don’t get those anymore.