Making this was so painful because i could only imagine what these characters would be like in smash

No one smashes like Gaston.



RIP, James Garner, Reminds me, I need to post some more things from the mind of Barton Kendo..



RIP, James Garner, Reminds me, I need to post some more things from the mind of Barton Kendo..

New Comics Day - 7/17/2014

Very light on DC books.

  • Knights of the Dinner Table #209
  • Brain Boy : The Men from GESTALT #3
  • Mega Man #39
  • My Little Pony #21
  • Rat Queens #7
  • She-Hulk #6 - just dropped this with this month’s Previews order.
  • Avengers World #9
  • X-Men #16
  • Original Sin #6
  • Harley Quinn Invades SDCC #1

That’s all.

Bad Movie Night - Vampire Wars : Battle for the Universe (2005)

In space, no one can hear you suck.


Also known as Bloodsuckers, but you tell me which title is gonna put asses in seats? Of course, the seats in question would be couches in living rooms, as no one let this stinker near an actual cinema. That’s right - made for TV! Starring half a dozen Canadian actors who’d later show up on Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, plus Michael Ironside.

Actually, I think they cribbed a couple of sets from Andromeda, too.

This one’s fun in the “dumb action movie” kinda way. The actors are good enough that you can believe that they’d get work as actors. There are even a couple of nice touches - like the various vampiric species having names like ‘Voorhees’, ‘Kruegers’, and ‘Leatherfaces’. But the premise is that humanity went out into space, and ever other damn life-form in the galaxy is some kind of vampire, so the humans started up a ‘Vampire Sanitation’ organization. The dialogue makes it clear that it’s sort of a step down from the military - our main character being a disgraced space marine - so, maybe they’re like the Coast Guard of interstellar space.

The movie’s predictable, but Michael Ironside can chew scenery with the best of them, and he looks like he was having fun the day he was on set. You will laugh at the space-hippie chick who believes the vampires can be reasoned with. There are ridiculous looking monsters, including a hand-puppet vampiric chestburster that must be seen.

Honestly, though, I think I got my biggest laugh out of the vampire hunters’ spaceship. The interior walls, specifically - they just kind hot-glued some circuit boards to them, about every three feet or so. “That looks space-shippy, right, Earl?” Plus I swear the cockpit is from  Beka Valentine’s ship on Andromeda.

Dynasty Warriors Gundam

So, this is one of my favorite series of video games around, but for some reason, it completely flies under the radar. There are now four in the series, and in three of those cases, I didn’t find out about the game until well after it was released. Goddammit, why aren’t these more popular? They’re awesome. But when I went to find the third one, the local Gamestop said “we didn’t order any for the store, nobody pre-ordered it.”

Something is fundamentally flawed with this business model.

The last one actually came out at the beginning of this month, and I might never have known had I not started replaying the third one and looking up stuff online for it. The downsides? It’s a digital only, PS3 exclusive, and this time, they didn’t do an English VO track.

On the other hand, they’ve gone back to full renders on the mobile suits (instead of cel-shading like in 3) and space battles are back; there’s an expanded roster, and now you can actually pilot Mobile Armors on some stages.

Yes, I bought a PS3 just for this game. Sort of. The PS3 has had a number of games that made me go “Man, I kinda wish I had a PS3, but I don’t want to drop that kinda money on one, especially with the PS4 coming/already purchased.” But for this game, I went to the local used video games store (not GameStop. A good locally-owned one.) and bought a damn PS3.

And now I can play some of those other games that had tempted me. Which is good, I needed something to do while waiting for them to release anything that looked fun for that PS4 I bought.

I was hoping he’d do something with this song.

Mandatory Fun

The man is back.

The Venture Bros. (1x04)

In a box. That my pop made.

They wouldn’t show that on Game of Thrones!
- Bill Corbett, Rifftrax Live : Sharknado
New Comics Day - 7/10/2014
  • Pathfinder : City of Secrets #3
  • Fantastic Four #7
  • Avengers #32
  • Amazing X-Men #9
  • Batman #30 - Are we sure that Batman Eternal isn’t just the next part of Zero Year? Cause it feels like its been going on that long.
  • Worlds’ Finest #25

That’s it.